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Apartment Ratings


I have been living at Spyglass for almost two years now and I literally cannot say enough good things about Spyglass. The complex itself is beautiful and we love the pool area. We feel very safe in the neighborhood, and even though it's considered "far away" from campus, I get to the law school in about 12 minutes every morning. Not far at all. Maintenance is very responsive, I've never had a request answered more than a business day later. You'll notice that almost all of the one star reviews have nothing to do with the complex besides move-out fees. I obviously can't speak to that because I still live here, but even if they charge me money on move out, I believe it would still WELL worth it to live here.

Kelly H.

The apartments at Spyglass are awesome; very cozy and very lovely. Maintenance issues are handled quickly and the staff is very responsible. The second floor units are awesome and I have had absolutely no problems with bugs. I love this place and recommend Spyglass to everyone.

Pooya K.

I love Spyglass although the rent is a little high here because the apartments are more upscale. The bathroom comes with a tub and the bedroom has a walk in closet. The orientation of the rooms really allows for privacy that a lot of places lack. My favorite part is the vaulted ceiling and the large windows that allow for so much light to come in.

Patriel S.